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Streamline Guest Parking on Campus with Offstreet

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With Offstreet, You Can:

Improve the Guest Experience

Create a more welcoming first impression of campus by enabling guests to create their parking permit in under 10 seconds using their phone/PC

Reduce Reliance on Hardware

Leverage virtual permits for guests and reduce reliance on pay stations and other hardware, streamlining enforcement and fully utilizing LPR

Simplify the Guest Parking Process

Parking Services and the departments on campus experience up to a 90% improvement in the efficiency of administering and managing guest parking

Learn How Cal Poly Used Offstreet to Replace Coupon Codes at Pay Stations 

In an increasingly digital and mobile first world, Cal Poly leverages Offstreet to reduce their reliance on pay stations, improve the guest experience, and provide a better solution for their stakeholders on campus.

Cal Poly implemented Offstreet in 2023 to help solve sponsored guest and event related parking on campus

Takuto Doshiro, Cal Poly Parking and Transportation.png

Takuto Doshiro

Cal Poly SLO Logo.png

Manager, Business Services

Transportation & Parking Services, Cal Poly

“Every group we have pitched this to so far is super excited. Offstreet has been a game changer for our campus. Departments/colleges/clubs will save SIGNIFICANT time in sponsoring their guests as they do not need to rely on our department. The overall reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Using Offstreet gave us our time back. We now have capacity and the internal resources to focus our efforts on other priorities.”

Other Universities Using Offstreet

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...and more!

Ready To Streamline Guest Parking?

Don't miss out on this opportunity to stay ahead of the game and take your event parking management to the next level.

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